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            Posted on Friday, February 27, 2015
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             | boostDFM

            Digital marketing agency boostDFM added to their impressive list of awards at the 2015 AdFed Suncoast’s annual competition, or ADDYs, taking 火红彩票苹果下载 awards for branding, website design, and mobile/desktop apps.

            BoostDFM took 火红彩票苹果下载 a total of 9 ADDY Awards, winning either or a Gold or Silver Award for nearly every entry they submitted in the competition. The gold ADDY winners will go on to compete at the district level. 

            List of Awards: 4 Gold Awards and 5 Silver Awards

            • Carpe Diem Guesthouse: "Responsive Website" - Gold; 
            "Creative Technology Website" - Silver; 
            “Consumer Website" -Silver
            • BioscanR: "Digital Apps" - Gold
            • The Haven Country Club: "Branding" - Gold
            • Virtual Vein: "Branding" - Gold
            • Tandem Construction: "B to B Website" - Silver
            • KTSY Radio: "Digital App" - Silver
            • CS&L CPAs: "Consumer Website” - Silver

            Posted on Friday, February 20, 2015
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            Content Management System

            As a digital agency, our team members have been privy to the “back end" of dozens of other developers' websites. Content management systems (CMS)’s such as Drupal, Wordpress, and Joomla can be built in thousands of ways. One thing we get to see from behind these curtains is the huge difference between a good, architected, user-friendly administrative end, and a back end that ends up creating more work for busy marketing teams. It is very easy for developers to offer a budget-build "content management system" that doesn’t actually manage content at all. It's an important distinction; a site that lets users update their own website without code is not necessarily a "content management system."

            An example of such a site is one that we manage for a client. After paying another agency for a content management system, our clients were still having a hard time updating their website and turned to boostDFM for help with their website and the digital side of marketing. After checking...

            Posted on Friday, February 6, 2015
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             | boostDFM

            Tandem Construction specializes in providing creative solutions for commercial and private clients in markets ranging from sports and education to hospitality and health care. Their creative point of view is what brought them to boostDFM – they were looking for a partner who would design an innovative new website to bring their buildings to life.

            Tandem liked our work for another construction firm, (which won 3 American Advertising Federation Awards), and they asked us to design and develop a website for them that would be “even better”. We love a challenge and we accepted it, but with one stipulation — Tandem must give us total creative control with only minor tweaks to the original design. That kind of trust is not easily gained, but our well-earned reputation for delivering outstanding results...

            Posted on Monday, January 26, 2015
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             | boostDFM

            CS&L CPAs has been a leading CPA firm in the Tampa Bay area for over 60 years, serving major industries and providing its employees with a positive and fulfilling work environment. We are proud to announce CS&L's new responsive website, designed and developed by the boostDFM team.

            One of the most important considerations for the CS&L team was a strong recruiting page. BoostDFM designers created a careers section that is essentially a microsite within the main site; showcasing company culture, job openings, and internship opportunities. Heavy multimedia integration allows CS&L to show videos and photos of company events to better demonstrate their culture and attract applicants to CS&L. Detailed job listing pages provide job seekers with a better understanding of the role they would be...

            Posted on Friday, July 18, 2014
            Blog Categories:

            With thousands of organizations trying to get into donors' pockets, it's no longer enough to write a case and hope people feel your mission. A beautiful and responsive capital campaign website is one of the most important pieces of the development and fundraising puzzle. It is imperative to effectively design your capital campaign's website appropriately so important donors can quickly and clearly see your vision -- and donate with the touch of a button.

            When thinking about marketing your campaign, branding is key. With regard to a capital campaign, a brand is not just the standard logo, typefaces, and color palettes. Of course it is important to look professional and appealing; but the emotional story you are telling your donors is the real brand. A capital campaign website must be clear and concise and it must convey these ideas and feelings within seconds of visitors landing on the page. Three things to think about when creating your site:

            Finding a way to quickly and...
            Posted on Sunday, June 15, 2014
            Blog Categories:
             | boostDFM

            Khameleon Software has been a loyal client for over ten years. In that time we have designed and redesigned their website and now that the focus of their business has changed, they asked us to give them a more modern look with the flexibility of responsive design.

            The old website featured Khameleon's three vertical markets: furniture business dealer systems, technology services, and service systems. The new focus is on furniture business dealers and client testimonials. So we began our redesign with the 火红彩票苹果下载page and created a rotating slide show banner to showcase client success stories right upfront. These banner photos and quotes will change regularly to keep the site...

            Posted on Wednesday, April 30, 2014
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             | boostDFM

            The Fourth District American Advertising Federation has awarded boostDFM an ADDY for the FrameItAll Garden Framer Web App for interface and navigation. The Fourth District includes advertising professionals from around the state, Caribbean and the Virgin Islands. 

            This announcement follows boostDFM's unprecedented win of 29 ADDYs at the AdFed Suncoast gala in February this year. Our work for FrameItAll won Gold Awards for "Best Responsive Website", "Best Consumer Website",  "Best Consumer Outlets", "Best Web App" and a Silver Award for "Best Digital App".


            Posted on Monday, April 14, 2014
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             | boostDFM
            Back to the beginning

            In 2009, before Steve and I started our own studio, we stayed at the Carpe Diem Guesthouse in Provincetown, Ma. This was an extraordinary property with very ordinary marketing that did not reflect the world class level of the Inn. As a test to see if Steve and I could work together successfully as a team, we decided to redesign the Inn's marketing for free. We didn't let the owners know what we were up to, just in case we never produced anything worthwhile. We worked on Carpe in-between projects and in our spare time. Within six months we had created new branding for the inn and its sister-property Namaste Spa, along with a new website, brochures, advertising, signage, and merchandising. We sent the owners our presentation and they were thrilled with our new ideas. Not only did they say yes...

            Posted on Wednesday, October 16, 2013
            Blog Categories:
            Chris Laney | boostDFM

            When I started at DFM nearly two years ago, I thought I knew what my position was about. I assumed based on my past experience, that I would go into the community and help market DFM and be in charge of all sales inquires. While that’s still a piece of my job, what I fell in love with was project management.

            The great thing about DFM and its relationship with their employees is that we are allowed to figure out what we want to do in our constantly changing environment. While all of our team members have the understanding that we must work together to complete the needed task on a project, we are always looking for opportunities to personally discover what we love to do.

            Within the first few months I discovered a hole in what we did at DFM: we didn’t really have a clear method on project management. I quickly discovered that I love managing projects, making clients happy, dreaming up possibilities with clients, and ultimately providing them with a great experience from...

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